The Amish, Mennonite & English Trail


Click for Interactive Version of Map. Click stick pins for details.

Ohio has the nation’s largest population of Amish and Mennonites and traditionally these communities have been centered in and around the Northeastern county of Holmes. Since the 1980s, however, increasing numbers of these “plain people” have been relocating in Southwestern, Ohio, especially in Highland, Pike, and Ross counties. The majority live a conservative “old order” lifestyle and continue to rely on on the horse for transportation and farm work.

As these communities have grown and become more settled a growing number of rural businesses have sprung up, many offering unique goods and services. The purpose of this site is to provide the visitor with information about these businesses, including those secular businesses operated by who the plain people call English. It is our hope that the area will become increasingly attractive to tourist and day-trippers since we are so close to major urban areas such as Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus.

The Amish, Mennonite and English Trail (AMET) is a series of highways and back country roads tying these businesses together. An interactive map has been created showing the location of each business and a brief description of what it offers. If needed, the map will also provide driving instructions. A day’s drive can bring you farmers working their land with teams of mules or draft horses, large organic dairy farms with their tall silos, general and specialty stores, and a country bakery where you can try what many think is the best apple fritter on earth. Click either the small or large map to view the interactive map.

Amish-Mennonite-English Trail Interactive Map

AME-Trail Map

Click map for interactive version displaying names and locations of the various businesses. Click individual stick pins for details and directions. 

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